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"Finally -  a stock picking service that shows results. I have learned so much about charting and technical analysis. Your coaching and commitment to buy right at support levels has made me a better trader."

Frank Musk

Orange County, California

“I used your disciplined scaling in and scaling out approach and it worked out great.  I rarely play penny stocks but you pointed out the massive short interest and WOW! You nailed it. Looking forward to a long term relationship."

Henry Summers

New York City, New York

"My first trade on TZA with a $3,330 profit in 6 days. Phenomenal!"

- Tim S

The Contrarian Trader


Members Stock Pick Requests
Stocks Reviewed are in the following order
WTSL -  J.T.
HST - Kevin
RMX - Kevin
KWK - Jesus
ANV - Jesus
ITC - Joseph
SODA - James
TMV - Rich
CSTE - Alan
NEWP - Alan
STXS - Karen



About The Best Stock Picks This Week

Every weekend, before the markets open, we put out the best stock picks for the coming week - absolutely free.  At the Contrarian Trader, we think that results speak louder than words - so weère focused on providing you the best results possible.  Sign Up to get notified of our weekly stock picks before the market opens!

What is the Contrarian Trader?

My name is Bob Desmond, and I have a passion for trading, and for teaching people how to trade. I've been trading stocks for over 20 years, and I've learned valuable trading tactics that I share with my students.

Simply put, the Contrarian Trading System means trading unlike anyone else. My method entails buying stocks that nobody likes, identifying the best risk / reward entry points and using tools that will allow you to trade like no other trading house.

What Is It That You Do?

Any trading activities can be risky. Every winning trade requires extensive research using many reports to make sure the time is right to buy - remember, the money is made on the buy. While I constantly am teaching my students how to do this analysis, many students don't have the time to conduct due dilligence on every stock, every trading day of the week.  Most of my students have full time jobs. That's what I am really, a trader for people with day jobs.  Every weekend I send out pre-market reports for all my paid members.  During the week, I will send out trade alerts to my membership, telling them when to buy, and when to take profits out.  




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"A member for one day and you already saved me thousands on AAPL! Thanks for the advice this am."

 - Jake D

July 21, 2014

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10/23-11/13  12%+ or $2,896

03/26-10/21 109%+ or $16,038

12/30-01/06 260% or $5,063

09/11-11/13 22% or $4,101

10/11-11/13 16% or $3,600